What’s the benefit of Web Audio?

Having speech on your site gets your message across on two sensory levels, visual and aural, making it more memorable and more effective.

Aid Navigation

Guide your visitors around your site

Using a short sentence that identifies each page quickly lets your potential customers know if they’re on the right page, without them having to read through paragraphs of text.

A sound byte that plays when they click on a link on your page can re-enforce the message and confirm their selection.

Directional sound clips can help you to direct visitors to pages you want them to see.

For example, “Click on the blue icon to find out more about the latest model”

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Promote Offers

Utilising speech can really help to drive sales

An excited voice inviting prospects or customers to “Click here for this month’s fantastic offers” will ensure they can’t miss the visual prompt and will increase the number of visitors clicking through to your special offers.

A brief sentence about the product/service on offer, that plays when the item is clicked on, gives it a perceived added value.

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Comply with the Disability Discrimination Act

The Disability Discrimination Act 1995

This act requires any person or business that provides services to ensure that all aspects of their business are accessible by everyone that the service may apply to.

The act states, "It is unlawful for a provider of services to discriminate against a disabled person"

Click here to view the relevant section of the act.

By including audio descriptions, information and directions on your website, you can provide access to information for partially sighted and blind people and to those who have difficulty reading or understanding text including those who have dyslexia.

It’s also worth considering that without audio on your site you may be making your services inaccessible to a large proportion of your potential client base.

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It’s important to get the balance right

In essence “Less is More”.

Continuous music on your site is likely to annoy your visitors and make it difficult for them to concentrate on the page content.  

Having a short sentence, giving clear information, over a subtle music background, as each page opens adds impact, aids understanding and enhances your image.

What does your website say about your business?

In the early days of cinema all movies were silent…

They said that “Talkies” would never catch on…

Today, sound on websites is still relatively rare

In five years from now, it will be the norm!

Why wait? Leap ahead of your competitors today! 

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