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For years, the most powerful and innovative telephone systems have only been within the reach of large corporations. The new XN120 breaks the rules. Designed to satisfy the growing needs of small and medium businesses, XN120 is a professional, flexible and easy to use voice communication system at a price that will pleasantly surprise you.

What the XN120 gives you

What does XN120 give you?

XN120 is the latest version of NEC communications systems that have evolved since the 1970s.
It incorporates the most important features that SME users over the years have taken for granted.
XN120 will connect to the public phone network whether it be traditional such as analogue or ISDN lines or leading edge such as IP
XN120's ‘future proofed' design ensures that it will also connect to any planned services such as the new BT IP network.

The flexibility of XN120 also means that you can connect any type of phone devices.
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Simple Yet Sophisticated

Sophisticated Communication made Simple

XN120 has the features that give you real business benefits.

For instance, if you're on one call and need to answer another, just press one button to put the original call On Hold and take the new one.

Dialling out is made easy too with features like Abbreviated Dialling and Last 10-number Redial saving you time on the most important calls.

XN120's ‘future proofed' design ensures that it will also connect to any planned services such as the new BT IP network.

Or using CTI (Computer Telephony) use your mouse for point and click dialling from your PC.

The Call Centre features give you ‘large corporate” benefits at an SME price.

XN120 can distribute calls evenly to assigned staff or in a priority order. If one group member is busy, the call forwards to the next group member.

If staff are busy you can queue callers and play holding messages.
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Available Features

The XN120 has all the features available that you would expect from a big budget corporate phone system. These can include:

  • Account/Client/Project Codes - 2000
  • Account Codes - Forced / Verified (1000)
  • Automatic Operator
  • Automatic Route Selection (ARS)
  • Automatic Day/Night Service (8 Levels)
  • Battery Backup
  • Camp On/Callback
  • Call cost logging
  • Call Centre Features
  • Call Forwarding - Busy/ Answer
  • Call Forwarding - To external number
  • Call Forwarding with Follow Me
  • Call Forwarding from Doorphone
  • Call Park - 64 Locations
  • Call Queueing - Extension / Operator
  • Conference (16 ccts standard)
  • Conversation Record
  • Computer Integration (CTI)
  • DDI Step On
  • DDI Call Routing
  • DISA (16 channel voice response unit)
  • Doorbell/Doorphone/Door Lock
  • Dual Colour LED on Phones
  • Email Fault Reporting
  • Ethernet/LAN Port
  • Hunt Groups
  • Hybrid Extension Ports
  • Intercom Call - Voice Activated answer
  • IP Trunks & Extensions
  • Manager Intrude (Barge In)
  • Missed Call Indication
  • Music on Hold (Int/Ext)
  • Online Programming
  • Paging - Internal/external
  • Park and Page
  • Personal Messaging
  • Phone Lock (Access Code)
  • Queue Messaging
  • Redial
  • Room Monitor
  • S Bus/S0 (ISDN)
  • Secretary Features
  • Silent Monitor
  • Telephone Directory -2000 names
  • Trunk to Trunk Transfer
  • Virtual/Phantom Extensions - 50
  • Voice Mail - Integrated or third party

CTI - Linking your phone system to your computer

VoIP - Using ADSL/DSL broadband or your computer/internet network to carry your long distance voice calls

IP Telephony - Converged voice and data networks are here today. Connect your phones directly to your computer network

WLAN - Wi-Fi will present a more flexible alternative to simple DECT phones. Use your PDA or computer as your mobile phone linking both to your emails and your phone system
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Call Handling

So… what’s call handling all about?

Well, say you’re on your own in the office, you’re on the phone and the other line is ringing…

Relax… after fifteen seconds we’ll answer it for you…

…in your company’s name, (Your company details, key personnel names and a brief description of your business are displayed on the operator’s screen).
Our call handler will explain that the person your caller wants to speak to is unavailable then take a message and the caller’s details, and then immediately email the information to you.

We’ll also take the call if your office is unmanned or if all your lines are engaged and we can send you text messages if you prefer.

It’s simple, professional, discreet and effective.

Which means that you can work wherever you want to…

Knowing you’ll never miss a call again.

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Least Cost Routing

Least Cost Routing

It seems like everybody wants to sell you cheaper calls these days.
Well… we don’t actively market this LCR.

What we do, is to provide very competitive LCR as a service, to those of our customers who actually want it.

Alternatively you can call, fax or email us direct.

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Corporate Mobiles

Corporate Mobile Packages

If your team all have individual mobile phone contracts, with different networks, a corporate mobile phone package could be really good news for your business.

But which package should you choose? There’s a huge and somewhat confusing array of corporate deals available, from different networks.

What Unique Sound Solutions can do is help you find the deal that will best suit the way mobiles are used in your business and bring you the best combination of flexibility, service and cost.

If you’d like to know what’s available, please ask your consultant for details.

Alternatively you can call, fax or email us direct.

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Energy Savings

Managing Efficiency

Without even setting foot into a site we can analyse consumption data and help to cut down on excess spending. Quite often with multi-site companies, the same inefficiencies can be found from site to site, therefore visits to just a handful can help reduce consumption across the board.

Historic Charges

A great deal of suppliers who have incorrect information at the start of a contract term will continue to make those errors if they go unnoticed. These errors are common, especially in large supplies. Another area in which businesses like yours can be struck by suppliers is when you take control of sites and they are left out of contract following the previous occupier's vacancy. This can be a massive blow to your expenditure but we can, as we have in the past, drive to backdate such charges and obtain fantastic rebates.

Your phone system is simply re-programmed so that as soon as one of your staff dials 07… the call is directed via the premicell, which means that you don’t need to keep a separate “Office” mobile and your staff don’t have to remember to use it.

Plus you can benefit from:

  • Green Opportunities
  • Government Support
  • Increased Buying Power
  • Forward Planning
  • Efficient Metering
  • Quality Of Service

Call us for details on

0870 80 321 66

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