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Any business in any industry will benefit from Audio Marketing


    Professional Studio

    Professional Studio & Producers
    Our productions are second to none.

    Professionally produced utilising the latest studio technology, by experienced producers, a Unique production speaks for itself!
    Make your business stand out from the crowd
    Every production is quality checked for errors, correct pronunciation, grammar and sound quality before despatch.
    The “Truly Digital” players that we connect to your telephone system are probably the best in the world.
    Production sound files are delivered to our clients electronically, which is fast, secure and convenient. This method of file transfer ensures that the quality of sound is exactly the same when it’s on your player, as it was in the studio.

    The studio also supports all major formats, so however you want it… we can produce it!
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    Top UK Voiceover talent

    The spoken word
    You’ll hear our voiceover artists on commercial radio and TV advertisements. You’ll hear them on PA systems in department stores, on corporate training films, at airports, in elevators…

    … In fact anywhere that a pleasant, professional voice is required to get the message across…

    … And your callers will hear them on your phone system, promoting your business.

    What’s more, they can be upbeat or business-like, young or old, light hearted or serious….

    … You choose. Simply give your consultant an indication of how you want your production to sound and we’ll do the rest.
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    Standard or Copyright music

    Music choice
    We have a large library of professionally composed and recorded, Non-PRS music.

    From classical to pop, rock to reggae, soul to easy listening, corporate to fun

    Your consultant will help you to select the right track for your business. They’ll also make sure you don’t select the same piece as your local competitor!

    Want something more?

    At Unique Sound, we don’t shy away from copyright music

    An ever-increasing number of our clients are choosing to have an instantly recognisable track for their productions.

    We have a collection of around 1700 original artist instrumental tracks available.

    Yes, it’s true… if you want to incorporate these tracks in your production, you will need to purchase a licence but if you want your message to be even more memorable, this could well be for you.
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  • Professional Studio & Producers
  • Top UK Voiceover Talent
  • Standard or Copyright Music

IVR Prompts

Presentation Vocals

In-Store Announcements

Mailbox Greetings

...In fact , any application that

requires a professional voice

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