First Impressions are so important...

A telephone call is likely to be the first point of contact most potential Telephone Callcustomers will have with your business and the way the call is dealt with will create a strong impression in their mind, of your company.
This first impression will influence their decision on whether or not they choose to do business with you.


Extensive research on how callers react to what they hear when they are on hold tells us...
Around 70% of callers will hang up if faced with silence or beeps for more than a few seconds... And 34% of those that hang up, will not call back.

The average business caller will spend around 14 minutes a day on hold...
That's 60 hours per year!

During almost all calls made to businesses, the caller will be put on hold or transferred. The average length of time on hold is around 30 seconds.

Companies spend 94% of their marketing budget to persuade potential customers to call and just 6% to handle the call when they do.

Professional audio on hold marketing is the way forward...

Unique Sound Solutions is the company that can make it work for you.

What Can I Say?
Anything you like that's going to enhance your image, cross market your products and services, give a little customer care and ultimately help your business grow.

Talking points

Make your business stand out from the crowd…

Make your business stand out from the crowdWhen you have customers on hold you have a unique opportunity to get your message across, enhance the image of your company, inform them of other products and services that you offer and show them you care. Unique Sound will help and guide you with the content of your production. Our consultants will listen to your ideas and get a feel for your business, and then our professional scriptwriters will turn those ideas into a Unique script.

Our professional audio marketing system enables you to…

  • Keep your callers up to date on your range of products and services
  • Tell them about special offers, discount deals etc.
  • Promote your website and direct callers to it
  • Inform them of your attendance at exhibitions, shows and events
  • Enhance the image of your business
  • Inform them of your Quality Control awards
  • Reduce the number of abandoned calls
  • Answer frequently asked questions
  • Location details, hours of business, delivery times
  • Show more courtesy to your callers
  • Entertain them and remove their perception of time
  • Give seasonal greetings

…and a lot more besides!
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